7 Things God Hates # 3: Hands That Shed Innocent Blood (Prov. 6:17)


  1. Murder in OT: Cain (Gen. 4); David (2 Sam. 11); Jezebel (1 Kgs. 21); etc.
  2. Murder in NT: Jews murdered Jesus (Mt. 26:4; Acts 7:52); Herodias/Herod (Mt. 14); Saul of Tarsus; etc.
  3. Why do people murder?
    • Take another’s wife (David – 2 Sam. 11)
    • Take property (Ahab/Jezebel – 1 Kgs. 21)
    • Revenge (Absalom – 2 Sam. 13)
    • Secure a throne (Pekah – 2 Kgs. 15:25)
    • Render paid-for services (Deu. 27:25; Eze. 22:12)
    • Satisfy anger (Cain – Gen. 4)
    • Satisfy hatred (Jews – Jn. 5:18)
    • They think they’re serving God (Jn. 16:2; Saul of Tarsus)
  4. Note that God hates “hands that shed innocent blood”


  1. Metonymy for deeds – Psa. 18:20; 24:3-4; 1 Tim. 2:8; Jam. 4:8; Isa. 1:15
  2. Jesus’ hands –
    • Blessing children (Mt. 18:1-3; 19:13-14)
    • Giving sight to the blind (Mk. 8:23)
    • Feeding the hungry (Mt. 14:19)
    • Curing leprosy (Mt. 8:3)
    • Raising the dead (Mt. 9:25)
    • Restoring (Lk. 22:50-51)
    • Sacrificing Himself (Jn. 20:25-27)

“That Shed…”

  1. Implies actively injuring another
  2. Not accidents or helpful medical procedures


  1. All murder is killing, but not all killing is murder (Exo. 20:13 vs. Prov. 6:17)
  2. Under Law of Moses, 4 kinds of homicide:
    • Justifiable, a.k.a. self-defense (Exo. 22:2-3)
    • Accidental (Num. 35:22-28)
      • Cities of Refuge for this purpose (Num. 35; Deu. 19:1-10; Jos. 20)
      • Human life is valuable because only humans are made in the image of God (Gen. 1:27) – even accidental killing is serious
      • Joshua 7 – Achan was not killed at the whim of his peers, but as judgment from God Almighty
    • Judicial – carried out by government (Deu. 19:11-13)
      • Punishment is not intended just for the wrongdoer, but as a deterrent also
      • Difference in innocent & guilty blood – God doesn’t hate all bloodshed
        • Capital punishment was authorized in the OT (Gen. 9:6; Exo. 21:12-14)
        • Capital punishment in the NT – Jn. 19:10-11; Acts 25:11; Rom. 13:1-4)


  1. Life is in the blood (Lev. 17:11; Deu. 12:23) – key concept in Scripture
  2. Jesus shed His blood–His life–for us (Mt. 26:28; Jn. 19:34)


  1. God hates the shedding of innocent blood!  And, it all starts in the heart (Prov. 4:23)
  2. In a sense, we all have participated in the shedding of innocent blood:
    • “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed” (Isa. 53:5, emp. added)
  3. His innocent blood was shed for us – take advantage of it today (Eph. 1:7; Acts 20:28)!
NOTE:  Most of this material comes from Allen Webster’s excellent book, 7 Things a Loving God Hates, available here.

7 Things God Hates # 2: A Lying Tongue (Prov. 6:17)

The importance of truth is recognized in court where witnesses are required to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”  Unfortunately many people are like the mother who was shocked to learn Junior had told a lie.  She took him aside to explain the consequences of falsehood: “A tall black man with red fiery eyes and two sharp horns grabs little boys who tell lies and carries them off at night.  He takes them to Mars where they have to work in a dark canyon for fifty years.  Now,” she concluded, “you won’t tell a lie again, will you, dear?”

“No, Mom,”  replied Junior gravely, “You tell better ones.”

Different Kinds of Lies:

  1. Twisting words—making person say something didn’t really say
  2. Twisting truth—clever wording to make a lie out of fact
  3. Shading the truth—perversion of the facts (preacher’s misstatement that God will supply our wants)
  4. Half-truths—courts want the “whole truth” (cf. Abraham’s half-truth—Gen. 12:13; 20:2)
  5. Misstatement of fact—Gen. 3:4 (back home, we call this a “bold-face lie”)
  6. Jumping to a conclusion—assuming you know when you don’t (“Bro. _____ believes ______”)
  7. Bodily movement—conveys deception (cf. Prov. 6:13; cf. shoulder shrug)
  8. Gossiping/Slandering—uttering false charges that damage reputation (cf. Lev. 19:16)
  9. Exaggerating—”fish stories”
  10. Insinuations—making statements that leave untrue impressions (“What do you think?”)
  11. Surmises—placing guilt when evidence is scant or slight (“I know why he did that”)
  12. Silence—withholding information
  13. Flattery—insincere, excessive praise from motives of self-interest
  14. Quotation—making another do your lying for you
  15. White lies—just black lies that have been whitewashed

To Whom Are Lies Told?

  1. Parents—Psa. 58:3
  2. Boyfriends/girlfriends
  3. Government—Rom. 13:6-7
  4. Employers
  5. Insurance companies—cf. Eph. 4:28
  6. Courts
  7. Teachers
  8. Personal relationships—Col. 3:9-10
  9. Ourselves—Jam. 1:22, 26; 1 Jn. 1:8
  10. Sports officials (Derek Jeter; Reuben Gonzolas illus.)

Why Do People Lie?

  1. Some lie out of habit
  2. Some lie to be polite—”good sermon”
  3. Some lie for convenience or out of laziness
  4. To make self look better (Ananias & Sapphira, Acts 5:1ff.)
  5. To protect self from embarrassment or disapproval
  6. To protect self from conflict or danger
  7. To protect someone else/spare feelings (Rahab, Jos. 2:4-5)
  8. To cover their shame (Potiphar’s wife, Gen. 39)
  9. To get money—“bluffing/artful negotiation” (Prov. 19:22)
  10. To get an advantage over another (Jacob, Gen. 27:18-25)
  11. To persuade another to do something (1 Kgs. 13:11-19)

What Happens to Liars?

  1. They will be caught/punished—Prov. 19:5
  2. They will be stopped—Psa. 63:11
  3. They will be silenced—Psa. 31:18
  4. Will be cut off from fellowship of righteous—Psa. 101:5
  5. They will perish—Prov. 12:19; 19:9
  6. They are an abomination to God—Prov. 12:22
  7. Are children of the devil/work vs. God—Jn.8:44; 1Jn. 3:8
  8. Disobey God—Lev. 19:11; Col. 3:9; Eph. 4:25; cf. Jn. 14:15
  9. They will reap—Gal. 6:7
  10. Ultimately, lost eternally—Rev. 21:8

Those who believe a lie will also perish—2 Ths. 2:12

Lying so important that it’s mentioned twice in the last 16 verses of the Bible & 3x in last 35 verses—Rev. 21:8, 27; 22:15

Pray the prayer of David (Psa. 120:2-3)!

Several years ago, a preacher from out-of-state accepted a call to a church in Houston, Texas. Some weeks after he arrived, he had an occasion to ride the bus from his home to the downtown area. When he sat down, he discovered that the driver had accidentally given him a quarter too much change.

As he considered what to do, he thought to himself, ‘You’d better give the quarter back. It would be wrong to keep it.’

Then he thought, ‘Oh, forget it, it’s only a quarter. Who would worry about this little amount? Anyway, the bus company gets too much fare; they will never miss it.  Accept it as a ‘gift from God’ and keep quiet.’

When his stop came, he paused momentarily at the door, and then he handed the quarter to the driver and said, ‘Here, you gave me too much change.’  The driver, with a smile, replied, ‘Aren’t you the new preacher in town?  I have been thinking a lot lately about going somewhere to worship. I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you too much change.  I’ll see you at church on Sunday.’

When the preacher stepped off of the bus, he literally grabbed the nearest light pole, held on, and said, ‘Oh God, I almost sold your Son for a quarter.’

Our lives are the only Bible some people will ever read. This is a really scary example of how much people watch us as Christians and will put us to the test!  Always be on guard—and remember—you carry the name  of Christ on your shoulders when you call yourself  ‘Christian.’

Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions. 

Watch your actions; they become habits.

Watch your habits; they become character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. 

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8).

[NOTE: Much of this material is taken from Allen Webster’s excellent book, 7 Things a Loving God Hates, available here.]

7 Things God Hates # 1: A Proud Look (Prov. 6:17)


  1. God is love (1 Jn. 4:8, 16), but there are some things God hates
  2. Not just outward actions, but sins of the heart & tongue, too
  3. Not just arbitrary…He hates these things b/c they are wrong & bad for us
  4. Note today that God hates a proud look
  5. Someone has said that pride is the only disease that makes everyone sick, except the one who has it!

Pride Defined

  1. It is not pride in a job well done
  2. It is holding oneself to be better, more imp., or more influential than reality
  3. Or, boasting in one’s actual ability, puffed up because of it (Gal. 6:3)
  4. Essentially, pride is preoccupation with self, self-worship…Mt. 5:3 is opposite
  5. Illustration—An airline stewardess once instructed Muhammad Ali, the great boxer, to fasten his seatbelt, to which he replied, “Superman don’t need no seatbelt.”  The stewardess came back, “Superman don’t need no plane, either.”  Ali bucked his seatbelt!
  6. Pride can develop at any age—new skill or much experience may lead to pride

Pride Denounced

  1. Make no mistake—God will pickle the proud & preserve the faithful!
    1. Pride’s sinfulness seen from the beginning – Gen. 3; cf. 1 Jn. 2:16
    2. Prov. 8:13; 16:5, 18-19; Psa. 10:4; 101:5; Isa. 13:11
  2. Parable of the Pharisee & the publican – Lk. 18:9-14
  3. Jesus’ words – Mk. 7:20-23; Mt. 23:12
  4. Pride was downfall of Judah (Jer.13:9); Moab (48:29); Babylon (50:29); Sodom (Eze. 16:49); Egypt (30:6); Israel (Hos.5:5); Edom (Oba.1:3);Philistia(Zec.9:6);Assyria (10:11)
  5. Special warning for elders & preachers (1 Tim. 3:6; Rom. 16:17-18)

Pride Depicted

  1. Eve – Gen. 3
  2. Edom – Oba. 3-4—deceived by pride
  3. Nebuchadnezzar (Isa. 14:12-15; Dan. 4)
  4. Sennacherib (2 Kgs. 18-19)
  5. The Rich Fool (Lk. 12:16-21)
  6. Satan (1 Tim. 3:6)

Pride Defeated (Psa. 119:11)

  1. Servant mentality – Jn. 13:1-17
    1. Satan: “Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven” (Milton, Paradise Lost)
    2. Matthew 20:25-28
  2. Clothed w/humility – 1 Pet. 5:5–egkomboma: white scarf or apron of slaves (Jn. 13)
    1. Lowliness of mind – Eph. 4:2; Jam. 4:6, 10; Isa. 66:2; Phil. 2:3-5
    2. Take heed! – 1 Cor. 10:12


  1. God hates a proud look!  May we ever guard against such!
  2. Realize that pride is a “gateway” sin – it will inevitably lead to other sins.
  3. You may not be filled w/pride now, but make sure you humble yourself in submission to God that He may exalt you in due time…

There is perhaps no one of our natural passions so hard to subdue as pride. Beat it down, stifle it, mortify it as much as one pleases, it is still alive. Even if I could conceive that I had completely overcome it, I should probably be proud of my humility.   [Benjamin Franklin, from his autobiography]

The story is told of two ducks and a frog who lived happily together in a farm pond. The best of friends, the three would amuse themselves and play together in their waterhole. When the hot summer days came, however, the pond began to dry up, and soon it was evident they would have to move. This was no problem for the ducks, who could easily fly to another pond. But the frog was stuck. So it was decided that they would put a stick in the bill of each duck that the frog could hang onto with his mouth as they flew to another pond. The plan worked well–so well, in fact, that as they were flying along a farmer looked up in admiration and mused, “Well, isn’t that a clever idea! I wonder who thought of it?” The frog said, “I did…” [Today in the Word, April, 1989, p. 34]